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From Principal Desk

  • ‘Apex Academy’ had a modest beginning in 2007 with an aim to give quality education with guidance, counseling and educational diagnosis. Its unique focus has resulted with a holistic approach of attracting students from various parts of the district. Within the shortest span of time the institution has grown up with a scenic natural environment and the most conducive ambience which helps us to nourish and explore the special creative abilities already endowed in each unique creation of the Almighty God. Apex Academy was established by Prof. Haripada Maiti with the help of some elites of the locality. Prof. Maiti is the mentor and spearhead who dreamed to make a premiere English Medium School in the district. After the long endeavor of the spearhead, the dream has now been transformed into reality. The school has received I.C.S.E. and I.S.C. affiliation from the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. ‘Apex Academy’ is perhaps the only institution blessed with top functionaries including professors, headmasters, doctors and renowned academicians. I am hopeful that ‘Apex Academy’ will give proper educational guidance at school so that the children can pursue their higher studies according to their interest and aptitude which would help in their future development and self actualization. It is universally true that physical infrastructure and facilities are enabling factors for quality education. Apex Academy is well known for its huge and impressive infrastructure even though it is a new institution. We all are determined to provide a healthy environment for the child so that he can concentrate on learning without fear, anger or anxiety, to provide enough outdoor and indoor exercise so that he gets enough opportunities for necessary outlet and catharsis of his pent up energy and emotions to provide a democratic environment, full of affection, security and love. We must not forget that each child has god-given talent and we should bring them out and develop them. I myself pray to the Divine Master to give me sincere love for my students and deep respect for each one’s unique gifts and help me to be a faithful and devoted teacher so that I may impart knowledge humbly, listen attentively, collaborate willingly and seek the lasting good of those I teach . I, on behalf of Apex Academy, pray kind co-operation from all.

    Nayantara Roy