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Long before a century, with the auspices of the Mahishadal Raj, Mahishadal became a seat of learning with the establishment of Mahishadal Raj High School. During the fierce and fiery days of freedom movement, it marked a stupendous boost in the academic activities with the setting up of the third ‘Degree college’ and the second ‘Girls’ school in the  erstwhile Midnapore district. Since then, it has been attracting thousands of students from every nook and corner of the district and other neighbouring districts. Even today, it fascinates hundreds of youths to prosecute their studies here for its placid and unspoiled academic environment, glorious historical background, refined cultural taste and most genteel locality. As a cultural hub of the adjacent industrial city of Haldia, it constantly combats many of the natural evils of industrialisation. The obvious outcome of this congenial academic and cultural ambience is that multitudes of students have attained great success in their lives. In spite of these conveniences, the people of Mahishadal feel the deficiency of a good quality English Medium School because their children, however meritorious they may be, cannot aspire for the thriving jobs in the corporate sectors which gradually encompass the whole world. Besides, their all-round development, eloquence, farsightedness, self-confidence and overall mental health are being impeded for the lack of proper schooling. To obviate these difficulties, some educationists of Mahishadal have ventured to set up an English medium school at Mahishadal.  Needless to say that, it will be a school of ultimate quality and will make up for the prevalent deficiencies.